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AC Broken - Class moved to Colleyville at 10:00 am

Posted on August 7, 2015 at 10:45 PM

Saturday Morning Class Relocated to Colleyville Due To Broken Air Conditioner - CLASS STARTS AT 10:00


Dear Friends, We regret to inform you that the air conditioner at our studio is currently broken. The repairman has just informed us that he is not going to be able to fix the air conditioner prior to our Saturday morning class because he had to order a part for it. The current temperature in the studio is over 90 degrees, so we feel that it would be best to cancel Saturday morning's class. However, Eliana (Valeria's sister) has graciously extended an invitation for you to join her 10:00 am Zumba class at her studio in Colleyville (see address and link below for Fit Fiesta Studio location information).

We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you. We, along with the owners of our building, are doing everything that we possibly can to get this issue resolved in a speedy fashion. We are being told that there is a good chance that the part will come in tomorrow afternoon, that the air conditioner will be fixed over the weekend, and that we will be able to resume our regular schedule next week. Please check your email, our webpage, and Facebook for updates.

Thank you,


Zumba People Team



Colleyville Studio Information:

Fit Fiesta Studio

1009 Cheek Sparger Rd. Suite 120

Colleyville, Texas



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