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Quotes It's fabulous! I have been taking Zumba classes 3 times a week and watching my food intake for only 2 months. I have already lost 5 lbs. What's more, the inches are coming off and my shape is coming back! My arms and legs are becoming more toned and the muscle definition is definately there. There is never a day I dread going to Zumba. It is totally fun and motivational. It does not feel like exercise and the energy ,stress release and strength in endurance is an added bonus. Try it and you will see what I mean. You will absolutly love it. There is no better way to exercise and feel like you are not exercising. Quotes
Annette Thomas
Zumba dance participant

Quotes I have been attending Zumba class for the past month. I have notice results just in a short time attending class. That is the first time I have notice quick result. My clothes are fitting better and inches coming off my waist. Which I love!!! I enjoy the music, dance moves and the instructors. They make the class so interested and the time goes by so fast you don't want to stop exercising. This is the best exercise I have ever done and enjoy going every day. Quotes
Rebecca Sandoval

Quotes It only takes one word for me to describe Zumba at Fit Dance Studio..... AWESOME!!!! These girls are not just teaching a Zumba class, they are building relationships, creating confidence and encouraging positive self images. As I said... they are AWESOME!!! Quotes
Linda Williams
Zumba Lover

Quotes I was one of many who joined the gym, went for a week, and quit. I just didn't like exercise and I REALLY didn't like machines! Then I found Zumba!!!! I go 3 times a week and soon will be going 4. I have lost all my post-pregnancy weight and now I'm excited about the tone I'm seeing!!! I've from a gym-hater to a ZUMBA-AHOLIC!! Join us and see what it does for you!!!! Quotes
I dislike exercise BUT I LOVE Zumba!!!!

Quotes Thank you to Cecilia for such an awesome class and for making me feel welcome! Will definitely have to come back when I'm in town again Quotes

Quotes Great instructors and a lot of fun! I've never enjoyed exercise until I started Zumba here! It takes a while to learn the moves...but if you keep going it gets even more enjoyable! :) Quotes

Quotes Love coming home for the holidays and squeezing in as many classes as I can! Quotes

Quotes Great teachers. Great music. Fun class. Quotes

Quotes Always have a great time! Quotes

Quotes I just love it Zumba I'm a diabetic on 2 insulin 1in the morning and 1 at night . Since I started in April doing Zumba I've lost a total of 35 pounds I got of my insulin at night doctor took me of yeahya!!! Now gonna start to get off morning insulin that my next goal and to lose more weight I've pass that 220 weight could never pass it and with Zumba I did it. There's times I say AYE!!! Lol!!! But see Valeria and Eliana beautiful smile just motivates me to keep going and my Zumba peeps are awesome, and listing to the music just makes me shake what my momma gave me lol!!!! What can I say just love it . Thank you Valeria and Eliana...... ;) Quotes
Just love it Zumba!!!! ;P