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Quotes "Since moving to Texas one and half years ago I couldn't find a dance class for adults that I felt comfortable in.I saw a Zumba class on the web and decided to try it . The first day I took the class I thought I was going to die. Valeria was like the energizer bunny I knew I wasn't going to come back, but she was so nice and welcoming I gave it another try .Not only did I go back but now get upset when I can't do four clases a week..I feel great on the inside as well as the outside ." Quotes
Trophy Club

Quotes I started Zumba last summer with a few girls (no instructor)using a video. I loved it, but I had no idea how great it could be with the instructors at Fit Dance Studio, who are so energized. It is not like exercising. They make it so fun, and the hour passes quickly. I, in turn, feel energized also. They both smile and cause you to smile. I love Zumba! Quotes
Retired teache

Quotes I have done a lot of different exercise programs and consider myself in pretty good shape. But I am constantly challenged with Zumba. The cool thing is I have so much fun in the class and get a tremendous workout, too, all while laughing and smiling. These instructors really care about everyone in the class. I felt welcomed from the first day I walked into the class and I was hooked after one hour. I'll definitely keep coming back for more! Quotes
Bridgette Shamburger
Zumba Lover

Quotes I began Zumba classes in the fall of 2010 and quickly became addicted. It's like the "runners high" for me. As an older gal, I wanted to stay active, burn calories, and have fun. The instructors are easy to follow, always upbeat, and help keep me young. I am making new friends since the Zumba family is growing, too, which is always a plus. Dancing was on my bucket list and now I am loving it and the gals who lead us! Mary Quotes
Mary L.

Quotes I just read some of your testimonials and I am so happy to hear those wonderful words. You guys inspire me in so many ways and I am so grateful to know you and get to dance with you. Keep up the good work you make our job so rewarding! And did I mention that you are all looking so steamy hot????? Quotes
Thanks everyone for your kind words

Quotes I take zumba in Virginia and when I came down to visit my grandma for spring break. I had soooooooooooo much fun in the zumba classes she took me... It's so energitic and one big family. And I love that. But I love texas zumba. It way better then Virginia zumba. But i will be back to take more classes. Quotes

Quotes I am so happy that I started Zumba class. I started in November and I have lost 23 pounds and 22 inches. A sensible and controlled diet mixed with Zumba have spelled SUCCESS for me. Quotes
Linda Williams
Addicted to Zumba

Quotes I took my first Zumba class today with Valeria and had a great workout. Exercising to the music made it fun! It was also challenging, but that's what I need. I'm looking forward to going a couple times a week. Quotes

Quotes I absolutely agree - more Zumba in Southlake would be wonderful!! I just started taking Eliana's Zumba class at 24 Hr Fitness, and I am totally addicted. I look forward to it every week! I would love to have it even one more day! Quotes

Quotes I fell in love with Zumba at my first class. I wasn't a fan of exercising and didn't work out regularly. I decided to try Zumba at my local city rec center. As fate would have it, Valeria was subbing for the regular teacher. I didn't know what to expect, but in walked this beautiful lady with a great accent and she made the next hour the most fun I had ever had. My heart rate monitor was about to explode, but I left there and called my friends to tell them that "Zumba was more fun than the law should allow. I can't believe it's exercise!" I followed Valeria from gym to gym taking her classes as I was never happy with the other instructors I tried. God sure knew what He was doing by putting Zumba in my life. I've lost 75 pounds dancing and it's STILL a blast a year later!! Quotes
Debbie McKnight