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Fit Dance Studio
A place that you can call home.  Your Zumba family awaits...

Fit Dance Studio in Southlake

Fall in love with your workout

Exercise is an essential part of your life.  We are so excited that you have chosen Fit Dance Studio!  Our goal is to make your workout enjoyable and something that you look forward to doing each day!

Valeria Ellsworth - Owner, Fit Dance Studio

New to our studio? Here's what to expect...

Lots of Fun!
Instructors That Care!
Great Music! 
Easy to Follow Steps!
New Friends!
Yes, You Will Sweat!
Results! Drop A Few Dress Sizes!
An Addiction to Working Out!
Some Sweet New Dance Moves!
Sense of Accomplishment!

Scared? Don't Be!

Don't be! Seriously, you have nothing to be afraid of.  We totally understand how you feel because we were once afraid to walk into a Zumba class too. And, get this... a few us walked into our first Zumba class when we were overweight. So, yeah, we can totally to relate to how some of you feel. The good news is that we don't teach Zumba because we have perfect bodies or because we want you to have the perfect body. We teach Zumba because it makes us healthier and happier - that’s what we want for you as well. Our studio is a JUDGE-FREE ZONE. We have all levels of fitness in our classes. Yes, that’s right, we have ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS in ALL of our classes. You don’t need any dance experience. Just come and focus on having fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t be too hard on yourself. We are all a work in progress; which means we will all get “there” a little at a time, not all at once. And, remember, in Zumba, there are no mistakes, only unexpected solos.

-Fit Dance Instructors

Here are a some tips that will help you make the most out of your first few classes with us:

There are no wrong moves - just unexpected solos.  As long as you're moving and keeping your heart rate up, you're doing it right!  Come to class with an open mind.  Be ready to sweat, move, and shake what your mama gave you!  It typically takes a student 3-5 classes before they feel like they “get” the movements and routines, so just relax and focus on having fun.


Still feeling a bit uncoordinated?  Focus on your legs.  If you get lost when the instructor shows you a move, skip the arms  – it’s as simple as that. Focusing on just following the leg movements will ensure you still get an effective workout (we promise).  After a while, you'll feel more comfortable with adding arm movements to those rockin’ legs of yours.


It’s important to know when to take a break.  If you’re having trouble breathing or if you are red in the face, you need to take a break and drink some water.  Don’t get upset if this happens.  Remember, everyone has to begin somewhere. 


We are all at different levels, shapes, and sizes – we celebrate that!  Some people like to jump and take moves to the next level, while others choose to take a lower impact approach to Zumba.  You do what feels right for your body.  This is your workout - your time to relieve stress and enjoy yourself.  Do what is best for you.


Identify the regulars.  Sometimes you won’t be able to see every single step and motion from the instructor.   During the first song, scan the room and look for the people who seem to know all of the moves.  This way you’ll always have someone to follow if you lose the rhythm or just aren’t sure what’s going on. 


It’s OK to mess up.  Yep, we said that it’s OK to mess up!  Just keep moving.  Effort is everything, and no one gets bonus points for perfectly executing choreography and technique.  The mission of Zumba is to create an enjoyable workout that suits your needs.  As long as you keep moving and refuse to give up, you’re doing the workout right. 


The routine changes constantly.  Once a new song starts, you begin with a clean slate and a whole new set of sweet moves.  There’s no need to feel frustrated if there’s a step you can’t master right away.  You’ll always have another chance to get it right.  Sometimes those moves that were difficult for us to learn end up becoming our favorites, so don't let discouragement get in your way.


Get loud!  We will ask you to yell, cheer, and sing along with songs.  It makes class more enjoyable, and helps you de-stress.  It also makes some moves seem easier!  Woot woot!


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